A greeting from Makoto Takagi, M.D., the hospital’s director


Makoto Takagi

More than one-hundred years have passed since the Tokyo Saiseikai Central Hospital was established. Our Saiseikai organization was formed based on the imperial rescript of the Meiji emperor, which states “To offer a helping hand to people who live their lives in poverty and cannot afford healthcare.” A commemoration ceremony was held on May 30th 2011 with the imperial couple present as we celebrated our 100th anniversary since establishment. At this ceremony, the audience was deeply impressed by the Emperor’s imperial script, which read “The activity of Saiseikai is extremely important for people who face difficulties, and hopefully it will continue to contribute to their happiness.” In 2013, Prince Akishino formally became Saiseikai’s 6th president.

The organization comprises 79 hospitals in Japan, and the Tokyo Saiseikai Central Hospital, established here in 1915, has the 2nd longest history. We have undergone recent renovations–—the seven-story administration building was built in 2005, and the four-story building for outpatients was opened in 2008; and now, we have reached the final stage of the plan, which is to build our main facility for inpatient care. This process started from February, 2015, and will be completed and open in May, 2017.

In addition to our renovation project, we have worked for our clinical enterprise vision and mission statements, which comprise “eleven columns of medical services in the Tokyo Saiseikai Central hospital.” The key phrase in our statements came from one of our staff members—“To guide our future as the leader of regional communities, we convey and maintain ‘the spirit of Saisei’ for future generations.” The Saiseikai Central Hospital was approved as a regional medical care support hospital in 2012 by the local government, and we have been recognized as one of the most reliable, core hospitals as well as one of the leading hospitals in Tokyo. The ‘spirit of Saisei’ has been developed in the last hundred years, and will be maintained and become more integrated in the future.

Japan Medical Service Accreditation for International Patients (JMIP)

On March 15, 2017, Tokyo Saiseikai Central Hospital was accredited with the Japan Medical Service Accreditation for International Patients (JMIP). Our hospital is the first Saiseikai institution in Japan to be accredited with this system.
What is the Japan Medical Service Accreditation for International Patients (JMIP)? JMIP is an accreditation system in which the Japan Medical Education Foundation evaluates, from neutral and impartial standpoints, an institution’s capability to smoothly accept international patients, including the provision of information in multiple languages and treatments adjusted for different cultures or religions. The goal of this system is to ensure that international patients visiting or living in Japan can receive Japanese medical services safely and reliably.
Our hospital has been accredited as an institution that contributes to better medical services, mainly in English.
Under the social mission of Saiseikai, we will continue to promote activities to improve ourselves, striving to develop an environment where anyone from any country can receive medical care safely.

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