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Hours of Reception Monday – Saturday 8:00~11:30
Without an appointment 8:00~11:30(Consultation begins at 9:00~)
With appointment 8:00~your appointment time
(Consultation begins at 9:00~)
Closed Sundays, National holidays
May 30 (anniversary of founding)
Dec.30~Jan.4 (year-end through to New Year’s holidays)

Outpatient Flowchart

Outpatient Flowchart

Information for Emergency Service

Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
If you have an emergency, please call us before you come.

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For patients who refuse a blood transfusion based on their religious beliefs and faith

 According to the basic policy to ‘provide the best medical services in any situation,’ the Hospital decided in 2008 to forgo providing treatment that may require a blood transfusion (including all surgeries and childbirths) for patients who refuse it based on their religious beliefs and faith. Our medical staff refused to sign any document agreeing to absolute bloodless medicine such as those insisting that ‘any outcome would be exempted from responsibility if bloodless medicine is provided.’

 If a patient who refuses a blood transfusion based on religious beliefs and faith visits the Hospital in an emergency situation or such a patient’s condition suddenly worsens, and when his/her life would become threatened without a blood transfusion and transfer to another hospital is impossible, we will sincerely explain the necessity of carrying out a blood transfusion according to our policy to ‘provide the best medical services in any situation’ and administer the best treatment, including transfusions, when necessary.

 The above policy will apply to all patients regardless of their age (child or adult) or state of consciousness.