Information for Inpatients

Scheduling your admission

A doctor will make a decision if an outpatient needs advanced, comprehensive medical care after consulting with him/her. We will then ask the patient to go our patient support center and to make a reservation for a hospital stay. We will inform you by phone about your hospital stay one day before your admission date.

Inpatient Flowchart

Inpatient Flowchart

Visiting hours

In an effort to provide security and adequate rest for patients, please respect our visiting hours.

Ward Patient Classification Days of the week Visiting hours
General Ward General Weekdays 15:00~20:00
Weekends and Holidays 12:00~20:00
General Intensive
Care Unit
Emergency Ward
Emergency Intensive
Care Unit
  Every day 11:30~12:00

Please go to the information desk for inpatients on the first floor and pick up a visiting permission sign before your visit. We advise against long visits or bringing children into patient wards. Also, we ask you to refrain from visiting patients depending on the seriousness of their health status.

For patients who refuse a blood transfusion based on their religious beliefs and faith

 According to the basic policy to ‘provide the best medical services in any situation,’ the Hospital decided in 2008 to forgo providing treatment that may require a blood transfusion (including all surgeries and childbirths) for patients who refuse it based on their religious beliefs and faith. Our medical staff will not sign any document that pertains to absolute bloodless medicine and exempts staff from responsibility, in which ‘the patient pledges not to blame the primary doctor, other medical staff and the hospital for any outcome caused by the application of bloodless medicine.’

 If a patient who refuses a blood transfusion based on religious beliefs and faith visits the Hospital in an emergency situation or such a patient’s condition suddenly worsens, and when his/her life would become threatened without a blood transfusion and transfer to another hospital is impossible, we will sincerely explain the necessity of carrying out a blood transfusion according to our policy to ‘provide the best medical services in any situation’ and administer the best treatment, including transfusions, when necessary.

 The above policy will apply to all patients regardless of their age (child or adult) or state of consciousness.